VARITO Flap Barrier Gate-VG-PX211
Brand : VARITO
Model: VG-PX211
  • Description

Product Introduction :

The flap barrier gate, one of access management devices, mainly used for pedestrian access management.

It owns rapid opening, high safety, convenient etc. characteristics and is an ideal management and evacuation equipment to carry out pedestrian entry access frequently; It is widely used in airport, metro station, stations, wharfs, scenic, park, unit pedestrian access and so on.

VG-PX211 flap barrier gate can match with smart card to realize off-line ticketing management system function and unmanned guarding management of personnel entrances. The advantages of the gate are rapid operational speed and luxury appearance.

Quick Details :

Product name : Flap barrier gate  
Material : 304 stainless steel  
Gate opening speed : Max 2s  
Access speed : 30p/minute  
Power input : AC 220V 50Hz  
Drive motor : DC 24V motor  
Access direction : Bi direction  
Sense way : IR sensor  

Another Features :

  1. Strong stability: VG-PX211 flap barrier gate applies movement control integration system with strong performance. It applies advanced driving technique and the installation and maintenance is simple.

It equips with smart acoustic alarming, and high-speed network communication. The flap barrier gate top cover is attached with a waterproof glue cushion which owns shock absorption, lower noise functions.

  1. Safety: Compares with many turnstiles uses air swing, VG-PX211 flap barrier gate uses best electric leakage switch and avoid human body electric shocking due to electric leakage. The turnstile also applies best power supply to guarantee its high-quality.
  1. With the technology of bright side craft treatment, the frame of flap barrier gate becomes more bright and smooth dut to professional grinding tool. During the turnstile design, we especially increased it upper cover enhancement treatment, make the strength of the upper cover of high security flap barrier door become more compacted.
  1. Details: The internal of the turnstile is clean and tidy with reasonable wiring, which is helpful to carry out space management of the parts in the turnstile gate.
  1. Cost effective: This barrier turnstile gate uses sturdy wing barrier materials, the net weight of flap barrier gate with single movement is 48kg, and double movements is 65kg.


Model VG-PX211 (Single Flap) VG-PX211 (Double Flap)
Sensing way IR sensor IR sensor
Gate opening time Max 2s Max 2s
Access speed 30p/minute 30p/minute
Power input AC 220V 50Hz AC 220V 50Hz
Drive motor DC 24V motor DC 24V motor
Channel direction Bi direction Bi direction
Dimension 1200x280x960mm 1200x280x960mm
Material SUS 304 stainless steel SUS 304 stainless steel
Standard channel width 550mm 550mm
Working temperature -20~+70 C -20~+70 C
Working indication Acoustic alarming, LED indicator Acoustic alarming, LED indicator
Drive signal Dry contact Dry contact
Sensor Active infrared intrusion detector Active infrared intrusion detector
Wing barrier material Acrylic wing barrier (Solid Red, Blue color optional ) Acrylic wing barrier (Solid Red, Blue color optional )