Fixed Under Vehicle Scanning System
Brand :VARITO, Model: V4301-2PRO
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Product Preview

V4301-2PRO, a robust and fixed subterranean vehicle scanning system designed exclusively by VARITO. Globally available, this cutting-edge model boasts a 5mm stainless steel panel construction, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability. Choose between 1024 or 4096 scanning pixels for unparalleled precision. With a sleek urban design, this system seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality. Plus, its competitive pricing makes it an attractive and cost-effective solution. Embrace the future of advanced security and performance with the V4301-2PRO, setting new standards in the world of scanning technology. Elevate your infrastructure with VARITO’s innovative and globally renowned expertise

Installation Requirement

Embedded with just 6 cm thick underground, our model #V4301-2PRO slashes construction and maintenance costs. Skip the extensive digging, save time, and cut down on capital investments. Redefine efficiency with a smarter, more economical approach that doesn’t compromise quality. Choose the future of cost-effective infrastructure.


The system is widely applicable in various sectors, including government agencies, military, customs, border control, upscale hotels, toll booths, parking ots, prisons, and critical factories. It is versatile and suitable for inspecting a diverse range of vehicle types, such as trucks, sedans, sports cars, buses, as well as extended vehicles like trains and subways.

System Management Software

The UVISS Management Software is a robust and user-friendly application designed to meet both basic and advanced requirements. In addition to conventional device management for regular users, it boasts several optional advanced intelligent features, including landing gear recognition, vehicle type identification, facial recognition, license plate recognition (NPK), and more.

1.Functions :

  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Fast FOD calculation(<=3S);
  • Car plate blacklist & whitelist;
  • Face Recognition;
  • Face blacklist and whitelist;
  • Real-time detection;
  • Multiple devices can be connected;
  • No limit on the number of logged in users;
  • User group management;

2.Specification parameters:

  • Image upload time < 1S;
  • License plate recognition: Automatic;
  • Space control: Automatic;
  • User control: manual;
  • System language: Chinese, English, Russian, Persian, Thai, Turkish (customizable)
  • Black/white list operation: add/edit/delete;
  • Black/white list quantity: 2000;
  • Image data can be stored: standard with 2000000 spokes, automatic image storage and deletion functions, and automatic deletion of expired images (customizable);
  • Range of sensitivity: 0-100;
  • FOD sensitivity range: 0-8;
  • Image display: automatic adaptation; Inspection of image retrieval function:
  • The image of car bottom and license plate can be retrieved by date, time, license plate number,
  • Chassis image storage format: standard color BMP image format or JPEG;
  • Car bottom image data transmission interface: standard network RJ45;
  • Scene image display: more than 1 path;
  • Image quality adjustment function: color images are automatically adjusted and can be enlarged and shrunk as required.

Automatic shooting of car bottom image: when the vehicle passes through the car bottom scanner at a speed of 0-30km/h, the system displays the image in 1S after the vehicle passes through. After the vehicle stops for a certain period of time in the image collection area of car bottom scanner, the car bottom image is displayed completely

Under Vehicle Scanning System

  • Fixed Type;
  • Material:304 SS with matt finishing;
  • Colorful area scanning;
  • Scanning Resolution:1024, or 4096
  • Scanning speed: 0-30km/h;
  • The car bottom scanning equipment has powerful front-end processing ability, can realize real-time control such as automatic exposure, and can be perfectly adapted to various models, such as the truck class and other vehicles with higher chassis, and supports infinite car length
  • Front-end intelligent integration, direct generation of scan images;
  • The scanning camera can only be started for the vehicle, which can resist external interference and improve the service life of the
  • The advanced intelligent camera is used to encode the image taken.
  • Scanner data line: 10 meters; (customizable length);
  • Lighting components: six groups of double sealed LED surface light source;
  • Working voltage: DC24V;
  • System power supply: ac110-240v / 50-60hz.
  • Weight: 50 t
  • Scanner size:Meas.:L1236mm * W340mm * H108mm;
  • Scanner weight:95kg;
  • Operating temperature range: – 30 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃;
  • Protection grade: IP68;
  • Standby power consumption is 10W, peak value is 120W;

License Plate Recognition System   (Optional)

  • 1 road license plate recognition module is standard, which can be expanded to 2 or more
  • Intelligent recognition: license plate recognition, body color recognition, logo recognition;
  • Intelligent infrared: support;
  • Noise reduction: 3D;
  • Power supply AC 100V ~ 240V;
  • Power consumption < 10 W; Protection grade: IP67;
  • Working temperature -30℃~70℃﹢; Working humidity: 10% ~ 90%;

System Host Server and Display

  • Display: 19 inch/21 inch LED LCD display;
  • CPU: Core i3/ i5, installed win10 system;
  • Memory: 4GB/8GB
  • Hard disk: 128GB high-speed solid state hard disk +1T mechanical
  • Appearance: machine case: cold rolled steel cabinet, high-grade imported automobile baking paint, anti-magnetic, anti-rust, anti-static;

Intelligent central control components

  • Battery Management System, equipped with an internal battery, making the portable under-vehicle scanner truly
  • Real-time display of battery level, providing easy monitoring of usage
  • In the event of a power outage and battery depletion, the system can automatically power on when electricity is restored, ensuring timely power supply and recharging for the next stable
  • Compatibility with gate systems and rising bollards, offering a wide range of
  • Exterior: Stainless steel casing, high-quality imported automotive paint for anti-magnetic, anti-rust, and anti-static properties
  • Wireless network port WLAN/BLE
  • 0*1 group
  • 0*1 group
  • LAN networking
  • Air detection
  • High polymer synthetic explosion-proof box