18-Zone Walk Through Metal Detector
Model : ZA3000C

  • Product introduction
  • Functional configuration

Product introduction :

The ZA3000C through-metal detector door (hereinafter referred to as the security door) uses international advanced metal detection technology, which is specially used to detect and prevent metal and alloy objects hidden in people.

It has high safety, strong applicability, high sensitivity, adaptive adjustment sensitivity, wide detection range, strong resistance to external interference, 24 hours of intelligent service, simultaneous sound and light alarm, and achieved quality, effect and technical parameters. The world’s leading level. The sensitivity can be adjusted, the metal object with the size of the paper clip can be detected, and the location of the metal can be distinguished. The user can also set the size, volume and weight of the metal to exclude coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckles, etc. False alarm. For places where it is necessary to prevent the loss of precious metal items, such as industrial and mining enterprises, banks, private luxury houses, etc., as well as places where it is necessary to prevent dangerous metal objects, such as airports, customs, prisons, exhibition halls , etc.

Advanced features :

1. Power-on self-test function: The only digital display self-test function in the country. When the detection door is activated, the system will automatically detect and diagnose each port (infrared, LED light, location, etc.) without initial or periodic calibration, plug and play. Easy to operate; 2. Digital tube display: automatic counting of the number of people passing through and the number of alarms, the highest display is 99999 times; 3. Multi-location detection: 18 detection zones to accurately determine the location of metal objects; 4. Double-column LED indicator, which is displayed with the human body contour to accurately locate prohibited items; 5. Sound and light alarm function: It can alarm multiple locations at the same time according to different positions of metal; 6. The overall sensitivity is adjustable: to meet the different testing requirements of users in different places; 7. Password protection function: Double password protection is adopted, only authorized personnel are allowed to operate, passwords can be modified as needed, and password loss recovery settings are provided, and security is higher; 8. Adopt digital and left-right balance technology to prevent false positives and false negatives, and greatly improve anti-interference ability; 9. It is made of special technology of synthetic materials, which is waterproof, fireproof and shockproof; 10. Easy to install: The system is an integrated design, which can be installed or disassembled in only 20 minutes. 11. Module application and various settings are controlled by digital signals; 12. The indicator light can automatically check the surrounding magnetic field environment; 13. Human body safety: in line with EMC electromagnetic radiation standards, using weak magnetic field technology, harmless to heart pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks, film, video tapes, etc.; 14. Configure waterproof foot cover: not only can fix the door body, but also waterproof.

Multiple zone settings up to 18 zones :

Functional configuration

1. Product model ZA3000C 1. Stand-up dimensions 2230mm (height) × 835mm (width) × 480mm (deep)
2. Vertical channel size 1990mm (height) × 700mm (width) × 400mm (deep)
3. Machine weight 55KG
4. Working voltage AC90V~240V 50/60Hz
5. Power consumption <10W (lowest power consumption)
6. Location 6-18
7. Operating frequency range 1-100 frequency bands
8. Sensitivity 0~999 adjustable
9. Working environment temperature -20 °C ~ 65 ° C 10. Installation environment width 100cm* length 200cm (no metal minimum range) sheet horizontal
10. Location detection metal object accuracy range Maximum sensitivity <6g metal
11. Display digital tube display

Packaging and size