HTO Series
HC149 RFID access control system turnstile gate bridge tripod turnstile The standard tripod turnstile series are made of 304 stainless steel, which is rustproof…
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Semi-auto mode:After reading card the passenger pushes the arm by hand until he goes through the barriers and the arm arrives in home position.
Full-auto mode:The passenger pushes the arm at a little strength after reading card,and the arm will automatically rotate forward by motor power until the arm arrives in home position.
Pure mechanical mode: The passenger pushes the arm by hand until he goes through the barriers.
Single or bi-directional function in mechanical and electrical versions.
Automatic reset of barrier arms after each passage.
Cable or wireless remote control panel key override control for emergency situations. Automatically arm drop down when power off or emergency.
Adjustable time out delay.
Single passage in the set direction
Bi-directional single passage
Free passage in the set direction
Always free or locked
Housing:Made in metal sheet and painted with 20/IO, or in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI316.
Barrier swings-Plastic plate, toughened glass, stainless steel frame.
Lid(optional)–stainless steel or artificial stone(black/brown)
High quality powder coating plus lacquered finish
Dark grey colour high quality powder coating plus lacquered finish
Sandpaper powder coating with pearl mica effect


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    35 person/min
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All turnstile models are space efficient security barriers, with a compact design,yet offer sufficient space to integrate any access control system. They can be mounted with display, passage counter, card reader, token operation traffic lights, command console,alarm system against unauthorized entries,The unique dropping arm feature provides a fail safety solution in case of an emergency or power failure,Tproviding egress in case of crisis evacuations. Durability with minimal maintenance means years and millions of trouble free passages. The turnstile creates a secure environment in. for example, a reception area. Our turnstile are used in different applications including stadiums and arenas, perimeter and interior security, recreation and amusement parks, retail crowd control, transit fare collection and lobby access control.


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