Car Parking LED Indicator

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Type: Control unit box
Brand Name: VaritoModel Number: SST-D600   

Warranty: 1 Years, 1 year

Voltage: 12-24V DC

Processor: 32 bits ARM microprocessor

Max parking lots:16000

Max zone:100 zones

Working environment:indoor and outdoor

Working temperature range: -30 to +70

Display function: Graphics

Communication: RS-485 BUS and CAR BUS(RS-485 for ultrasonic sensor and LED display)

Product name: Car parking space led indicator for Parking Guidance System

Working temperature:-20°C-70°Cl , Working Power supply: AC 220V/100mA

2, LCD display:128 x 32 dot matrix, gb simplified Chinese or English display (can menu select)

l3, CAN interface: safety electrical isolation, communication rate 10 Kbps, the maximum distance 3 km

4, RS485 interface: half duplex, safety electrical isolation, baud rate

9600 BPS

5, Using conditions: Installation in the bins, waterproof, moistureproof, etc.

6, Vehicle detection sensitivity: 0-9 ten levels can be adjusted

7, Most vehicles existing time: 3-255 seconds can be adjusted

,8, Inductance coil range: 80 ~ 300 uh

(A, B coil edge to edge apart 0.8 ~ 1 meter or so, circle number by one circle in case they do each other.)

9, Test vehicle speed: 5-80 km/hour

10, wireless networking visible distance: 500 meters

11, Using conditions: only for 2 to 4m trickle.


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