Model : IS-5511
Panel Size : 55″ LCD Screen
Light source : LED backlight
Resolution : 4K, 3840 x 2160pixels
Brightness : 350cd/m²(typ.)
  • Specification
VARITO Interactive Touch Panel
Details :
As the use of digital devices increases and digitalized working becomes more and more common. Multiple people in
different places are working together. As these tasks become more complex and difficult, collaborative meetings
have become a key to success for businesses. Varito Interactive Touch Panels are designed to tap into the dynamic
possibilities of the modern meeting room and help businesses develop and maintain an environment where aiming to
reduce spending time and costs unnecessarily. Varito interactive Touch Panel is the beginning of infinite possibilities.
  1. 20-point touch
  2. HD & 4K UHD Display
  3. Android & Windows system
  4. Bulit-in Software
  5. Do more with built-in
    OPS, Android system and
    external connected PC
  6. Fully compatible with Chrome –
    book & Mac computer
  7. Power on and screen lock can
    be set with a password.
  8. Energy-saving mode to
    save energy
Specification Type Parameter
Panel Model IS-5511 IS-6512 IS-7512 IS-8612 IS-9812
LCD Size 55″ 65″ 75″ 86” 98”
Panel Type A Grade LED/ LG Panel
Light source LED backlight
Resolution 4K, 3840 x 2160pixels
Brightness 350cd/m²(typ.) 350cd/m²(typ.) 450cd/m²(typ.) 400cd/m²(typ.) 500cd/m²(typ.)
Contrast ration 1200:1(typ.) 1200:1(typ.) 1200:1(typ.) 1200:1(typ.) 2000:1(typ.)
Pixel pitch 0.372mm x 0.372mm 0.429mm x 0.429mm
Frame rate 60Hz
Viewing Angle 178°(H)/178°(V)
Life 60,000hrs(min.)
Color storability 68%
Visual area 1209.6 (H)mm x 680.4 (V)mm 1457.46 (H)mm x 926.5(V)mm 1649.66 (H)mm x 927.93(V)mm 1937 (H)mm x 1108 (V)mm 2158.84 (H)mm x 1214.352 (V)mm
Color depth 10 bit/1.07 Billion
Android (Optional) CPU Architecture 64-bit A53
Working frequency 1.2GHZ
Number of cores Quad-cores
RAM DDR3: 2GB/4GB;  eMMC: 16GB/32GB
System Version 7.0/ 11.0
Power Voltage Rated 100-240V, Max. 90-264V~50/60Hz
Max. power consumption ≤140W ≤180W ≤320W ≤500W ≤550W
Standby power Consumption <0.5W
Speaker 2 x 10W(max)
Power supply (AC) input 100-240V
Environment Working temperature 0℃~40℃
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Working humidity 10%〜90%No condensation
LAN In Interface 1
DP Interface 1
HDMI Interface 2
VGA Interface 1
PC-AUDIO Interface 1
YPBPR Interface MINI x 1
AV In Interface MINI x 1
USB2.0 1
USB3.0 1
AV Out Interface MINI x 1
EARPHONE Interface 1
OPTICAL Interface 0
RS232 1
OPS (Optional) Configuration Intel Corei3/i5/ i7,   RAM: 8GB/16GB/32GB, Storage 256GB/512GB SSD
USB USB2.0 x 2, USB3.0 x 2
LAN Interface 1
HDMI Out 1
Front Input
PC USB (OPS Optional) 1
MEDIA USB (OPS Optional) 1
TOUCH-USB (OPS Optional) 1
HDMI 3 (OPS Optional) 1
Front button 7 buttons control POWER/MENU/DP/VGA/OPS/HDMI3/SOURCE
Structure Net weight 58kg±1kg 65±1kg 62±1kg 90±1kg 147±1kg
Gross weight 66kg±1kg 74±1kg 80±1kg 109±1kg 176±1kg
Bare dimensions 1209.6 x 680.4mm 1510.5 x 926.5mm 1736.8 x 1015.5mm 1990 x 1201mm 2261.6 x 1351mm
Packing dimensions 1258.6  x 770.85*88mm 1765 x 320 x 120mm 1990 x 350 x 1320mm 2200 x 360 x 1490mm 2465 x 360 x 1650mm
Shell color Silver / Grey front frame ,black back frame
VESA hole site 4-M6 screws hole 400 x 400 mm
Language OSD EN
Touch Panel Touch specification Non-contact infrared touch technology, support Up to 20 points
Glass 4MM Physical tempered glass
Glass transmittance >92%
Frame material Aluminum alloy face frame, PCBA
Response time Single point: Click 13ms continuous 3ms
Multipoint: Click 13ms, continuous 5-10ms

Two-point touch at the same time: click 10ms

Positioning accuracy ≤2mm
Input method opaque objects (such as fingers, pens, etc.)
Theoretical clicks More than 60 million times in the same position
Min touch ≥5MM
Light resistance Incandescent lamp (220V,100W), vertical distance above 350mm,

the illuminance of solar radiation reaches 90000Lux

Power supply By Power Cable
Supply voltage DC 5.0±5%
Advance Touch and Writing Experience :
With the most advanced built-in touch technology, VARITO’s IS series enables precise screen touch responses and a sleek design
Outstanding Touch Performance
• Precise Touch and Detailed Writing
The screen recognizes even the smallest touch points
accurately and instantly shows the response to the
touch point. This kind of accuracy and granularity means
that users can use both as a realistic handwriting tool
and for detailed complex content such as drawings.
• Pen Thickness Variation
The thickness of the pen can be adapted to the user’s
writing speed, even when using the passive pen. Lines or
characters become bolder as the writing speed increases.
This makes users feel as if they are writing on paper
using their usual ballpoint pen.
• Multi-touch
It allows multi-touches from 10 points to 20 points so
that multiple participants can simultaneously use touch
• Smooth Surface
As there is no need for sensors on the bezel, little or no gap
space is required between the screen and bezel, allowing for
more intuitive operation and a better design.
• Fewer Scratches and Shatter-proof
When a user touches a screen directly, this can result in
scratches on the screen or even damage to the glass.
VARITO ITP has an tempered screen coating to minimize
scratches. In addition, its glass is designed to minimize harm
to the user, even in the event of an external shock.
• Intuitive Touch
Users will nd the ITP easy to use because the touchscreen
feels similar to their mobile phones or tablets.
• No Dead Zone
Unlike IR touch screens, the display detects touch points
even at the corner or edge of the display accurately.
Easy Operation :
• Open
The pre-stored les are easy to
open on the screen with a simple
• Palm Erase
Writers can freely take a note and
easily erase it with their palm as they
do when using a conventional
• Screen Capture & Storage
The written materials can be captured
and automatically saved, which is useful
when discussed content need to be stored
by stages.
Floating Tool Bar :
While using the writing function in ITP app mode, the user can place a oating toolbar anywhere on the screen by pressing and
holding a touch point. Users can also drag it around using their ngertip or open and minimize it with a single tap, enabling
comfortable and intuitive writing on the screen. Its special circular design helps users easily adopt and explore all features, even
when trying the function for the rst time.
UHD Technology with High Resolution:
ITP users often use the zoom-in function to view complex
images such as design drawing in more detail or write on the
presentation material. The UHD resolution of VARITO IS series
features 8.3 million pixels, which is 4 times that of FHD resolution,
allowing users to view details without distortion, even when
zooming in on the display. Moreover, the outstanding resolution
delivers high-quality images or video content to meeting attendees.
Eye Care Technology
VARITO ITP has several eye care features to prevent participants
eyes from growing tired during prolonged meetings. Reader mode
decreases blue light, a cause of eye strain, by 70%, improving the
comfort of those who are viewing the screen for a long time. Also
the anti-glare coating on the screen reduces reection for better
Full Use of Whiteboard Functions
VARITO ITP can be used to display educational materials also.
Make lessons more understandable by jotting in notes. Presentation
Functions (Magnifying Glass, Pen/Marker), Stylus Pen, Finger-Touch
Input, Screen Capture/Recording Function, Simultaneous Operation of
Up to 20 Points, Writing and Saving of PowerPoint.
Dual Operaing System
Android/ Windows dual systems one key switching. Equipped
with a powerful quad-core processor and embedded Android OS,
External Windows OPS. this display provides smooth, lightningfast
computing and responsive touch capabilities. 16GB of onboard
memory provides ample storage for les and multimedia content.