Retractable Gate
Brand : VARITO
Model : VR-J1715
Origin: Germany
Manufacture in China
  • Description

Retractable Gate

Stainless Steel

The retractable stainless steel automatic gate is with advanced and powerful motor. It’s for long time service without any structure or mechanical problem. The automatic gate is widely applied to factory, school, government, hotel, hospital, airport, railway station


  • Gate Width: 680mm
  • Wheel Base: 600mm
  • Pillar Distance: 350mm
  • Pillar Materials: Ø51×0.8mm
  • Stainless Steel materials (SS201# or SS304#): high hardness and tensile strength
  • Motor overheat protection: auto power of if the motor upto 120°C and re-working once temperature
    turn low
  • Wheels: made by casting aluminium and special rubber, 2000000 times tested without abrasion
  • Anti-wind hooks: prevent the gate overturn by strong wind
  • Anti-bumping sensor: any obstacle during closing process, the gate will auto stop at 30-40cm away to
    avoid collision
  • Anti-climb-over alarm: alarming once anybody climbing over gate
  • Caution light: it will twinkle during gate sliding
  • Speed clutch: rotate the clutch to switch electric control or manual control
  • Wireless remote control: with maximum 50m eective distance
  • Gate sliding speed: around 18m/min
  • Standard equipped 8bits static screen or optional 500bits rolling screen
  • Gate Length and Height can be customized
  • DIY installation, easy operation and maintenance


The retractable sliding gate adopts SUS201/SUS304 stainless steel
materials for high hardness and tensile strength.
Gate motor overheat protection, auto enter into protection status
if the motor temperature upto 120 degree Celsius and re-working
once temperature turn low.

Gate wheel has been made of casting aluminium hub and special
rubber tire, 2000000 times sliding without abrasion.
With special anti-wind hooks for preventing the automatic
collapsible main door overturn even strong wind happened.
With infrared anti-bump sensor: Any obstacle sensed on the route
during gate closing process, it will automatically stop at 30–40cm
away or fold back to avoid collision.
With speed clutch: rotate the clutch to switch automatic control
or manual control.
Wireless remote control with maximum 50m distance withour any
Gate sliding speed is around 18 meter per minute.


Gate Length : 18 Feet Gate Height : 4 Feet Gate Width : 680mm Wheel Base : 600mm Pillar Distance : 350mm Pillar Materials : Ø51×0.8mm Cross Parts Materials : Ø51×0.6mm Automatic / Manual Control : Both Surface Treatment : Polished finishing Sliding Speed : 18m/min Remote Control Distance : No more than 50m Language : English


Power Voltage : AC220V±10% / AC110V±10% Power Consumption : 300W / 370W / 740W Power Current : 1.8A / 3.5A Motor Overheat Protection : 120°C Motor Output Speed : n=45rpm Gate Sliding Speed : 18m/min Remote Frequency : 433Hz Remote Control Distance : No more than 50m Working Temperature : -35°C to +55°C